Information about Pro Wrestling Trader

How it works

How it works ... Whoooo

It is really that simple. 
1. Create a FREE account. 
2. List your item or items and choose a price, upload a description, price and a payment method.
3. Share with your friends and wait for item to sell. is Free to list any items.   
PWT takes a percentage of the final sale as our fee to support our marketplace.  
There is a 12% fee of the sales price.  example: $30 sale = $3.60 to PWTrader & $26.40 to your account. benefits you the seller as you are reaching a broader audience of true fans looking for these items.  Don't get lost in the craigslist and other listing sites that just reach locals in your area. allows customers to pay via credit card which means you can get money deposited in to your account once the sale in completed.   We use PayPal and or Stripe for easy and safe transactions. Charge shipping fees and email your buyer the tracking code for easy closings.  
Safe, secure and a trust worthy marketplace. 

We recommend using a detailed description when listing your item for maximum exposure on social media, google, bing, yahoo and other search sites.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words and that is usually your first impression when a customer is looking to purchase an item. suggests filling the photo gallery of your product in your listing and using clear pictures that show off your item in it's best from. 

Pro Wrestling Trader has products from fans all over the world.  
Items from WWE, TNA-Impact, NJPW, ROH, Lucha Libre and more.  "Ohhh YEAH!!!!"